CyberWay is governed by validators

Why Us?


Decentralized Governance

CyberWay is governed by validators who pick up workers’ proposals and vote for features that are about to be implemented. Thus, CyberWay is among the first ever blockchains that put steering of development process in the hands of validators.

Manage Accelerator

CyberWay validators run Accelerator for applications. They choose applications that get delegated bandwidth and onboard additional users free of charge. They also vote on funds allocation to applications that get around 100 ths of active users daily (up to 3% of Cyber tokens are estimated to be handed over to an application).



Every account can vote for several block producers with staked tokens (1 token = 1 vote). The top 21 block producers become validators (later number of validators will grow to 101). A validator gets rewards for block production and is able to conduct the redistribution of the share among his supporters.

What do we offer?

CyberWay target Inflation is 20% to 10%, and validators get a share of it.

Launch Validator Node